The mission of the Tarpon Springs Public Art Program is to enrich community through art in our surroundings.

Current Projects


Art at Sponge Docks Roundabout

The Roundabout at the intersection of Roosevelt and Dodecanese Boulevards on the west end of the Sponge Docks is an ideal place for a dramatic artwork celebrating the rich culture and spirit of Tarpon Springs. Look for our call to artists on


Art Bike Racks Phase I

Phase I of the Art Bike Rack project consists of ten small size (2-4 bike) artist-designed bike racks to be placed primarily along the City’s Art & History Trail. For a map of the Art & History Trail, click ‘About Us’ on the Public Art homepage.

Art Bike Racks Phase II

Phase II of the Art Bike Rack project will include larger (up to ten bikes) and more ornate artist-designed bike racks to be placed at key locations in the City.

If you are interested in serving on a selection jury for either of these projects, please click “Get Involved” on the Public Art homepage


Ama Mermaid

Ama Tarpon Springs graces the waterway entrance to Spring Bayou. This location was selected because Craig Park is a community gathering spot for City events and festivals; our beloved manatees seasonally seek the warmer waters of Spring Bayou; and because of the mythical ties between mermaids, manatees, and Greek culture.

The Tarpon Springs Public Art Committee is proud of its first temporary installation project. Through a partnership with international company Koh-I-Noor’s Amaryllis Art for Charity program, our City received a bronze mermaid sculpture created by French artist Amaryllis. In the Spring of 2017, when the mermaid is purchased by the TSPAC, one-third of the purchase price will be donated to a local Tarpon Springs charitable organization approved by the TSPAC and Koh-I-Noor.