The mission of the Tarpon Springs Public Art Program is to enrich community through art in our surroundings.

Public Art Showcase

Photo credit: Bill Vinson

Ama Tarpon Springs, located at the waterway entrance to Spring Bayou in Craig Park

Artist: Amaryllis Bataille

Ama, Japanese for Woman of the Sea, walks among us on our shores, carrying her tail and scales with her for her inevitable return to the sea, her cradle of life. Through the combined resources of French Artist Amaryllis Bataille,Koh i Noor sponsorship, and the Tarpon Springs Public Art Committee, her graceful beauty encourages the safeguarding of the ocean by all who behold her. Ama is the 17th of only 100 similar statues around the world and the first on America’s East Coast.

Art Bike Racks, located throughout the City

The Tarpon Springs Public Art Committee’s art bike rack project is being completed in three phases:

Phase I consists of eleven bike racks designed by eight artists and manufactured by a local metal works. Find these at the Sponge Docks, Craig Park, and the Dog Park.

Phase II consists of six bike racks designed and manufactured by two local metal works artists. These are located downtown and at the City Garden.

Phase III consists of art bike racks for the Fitness Park, the Library and Sunset Beach. This phase is in the selection process.