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February 8th-11th, 14th


8th 2/8/18 7:30 pm

9th 2/9/18 7:30 pm

10th 2/10/18 7:30 pm

11th 2/11/18 2:00 pm

14th 2/14/18 7:30 pm

Ticket Prices:

General: $20.00

Member: $16.00

Funny Valentines

Location: Cultural Center

Children’s book author Andy Robbins has been an unhappy bachelor since his divorce eight months before from his former collaborator, Ellen. On one incredible day, Ellen re-enters his life eight months pregnant; his agent arrives with a TV contract that needs both Andy’s and Ellen’s approval, a beautiful lawyer appears to wrap up the TV deal and seduce Andy; and Ellen’s mother makes an unexpected appearance. All sorts of funny and farcical things happen, spurred by the fact that Andy seems to be incapable of acting like an adult. By the final curtain, Andy has grown up just enough to straighten out the mess and win back his wife.

This romantic comedy will make the perfect date night for you and your funny valentine.