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May 11th-13th


7:30 pm

Ticket Prices:

General: $25.00

Groups (10+): $24.00

Members & Students: $23.00

Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center:

324 Pine Street (Inside City Hall)


Playwright: Elizabeth Indianos
Composer: Michael Amish
Director: Lianne McDonnell-Kruger
She was the woman nobody wanted … Two men fight for her. One to create her, the other to give her a home … The untold story of Auguste Barholdi, Joseph Pulitzer and Lady Liberty.


Attack on Paris—Freedom? It starts with the woman nobody wanted…Two men fight for her; one to create her, the other to give her a home. One eats out of garbage cans, the other worries he’s as crazy as his locked up, lunatic brother—the untold story of Joseph Pulitzer, Auguste Bartholdi and Lady Liberty.

A French artist loses his home to war and becomes obsessed with doing a ridiculous thing—giving a 151-foot tall statue to an America that treats him rudely. He worries he’s a failure and as crazy as his locked-up, lunatic brother.

The young artist AUGUSTE BARTHOLDI vows he will one day create the largest sculpture in the world. Struggling under a repressive monarchy blinded by generals, French intellectuals suggest giving a gift to America—a statue honoring freedom—daring Auguste to envision Liberty as a woman, rather than a man, as a mother who gives freely without expectation. Apolitical, Auguste declines the challenge—until spike-helmeted Prussian soldiers occupy his beloved home.

Auguste is met with disdain and insult in 1871 America and learns that America has many ugly faces: ducks swimming in oil puddles, businessmen obsessed with money and a President who chastises him for losing the Prussian War. Yet, Auguste embraces the statue as his “daughter” and builds her without materials used for war—because he has a hunch that the world needs love and believes that Liberty is the answer… so does the one man who will fight for her—JOE PULITZER.

Joe escapes a brutal stepfather by signing up for America’s Civil War. Unable to speak a word of English, he is treated like a bum and scammed by con artists.  Joe becomes a bully-hating immigrant who eats out of garbage cans, and claws his way up to become a newspaper mogul devoted to fighting injustice.

Joe slams the rich and powerful for refusing to make a home for the Statue of Liberty. Rival American presses call the French, “disgusting and cheap!” and disapproving clergy clamor that Liberty is an, “unholy, pagan goddess standing at the gateway of a Christian America!”  When Congress and the wealthy refuse to pay a dime for Liberty’s pedestal, Liberty becomes a woman without a home.

Auguste accepts that Liberty is not his, that, “she is a gift” and, in a selfless act of unconditional love, he sends her off to America, into the unknown, where she sits on American shores boxed up in crates for months in the snow. Outraged, Pulitzer fights back, rallying America with, “If the rich won’t save us from national disgrace, maybe the poor will!”

Two crazy guys pulled this off for America with the help of the poorest among us.

LIBERTAIRE unveils America and American character in ways we don’t expect. The true story of Lady Liberty, considered to be one of the most unselfish, sublime acts of the 19th century, is that she almost didn’t make it to our shores.

Screenplay by Elizabeth Indianos. Now, a world premiere play.

BEFORE THE PLAY, DON’T MISS: A Prelude to LIBERTAIRE, The Play / THUR • MAY 4 • 7:30 PM / Heritage Museum, 100 Beekman Lane

General: $14 /Groups (10+): $13 / Members & Students: $12 / Ticket price includes dessert and coffee reception following presentation. Learn the “back story.” Meet the talents that created and are launching this sensational new play before its world premiere performances.

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