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October 10th


10/10/17 11:30 am

Ticket Prices:

General: $20.00

Member: $18.00

Lunch & Learn: Sponge Diving

Location: Heritage Museum

Anthony Lerios was born in Greece in the 1890s and moved to Turkey at the age of 5. Here he acquired the education, engineering and metalworking skills that he brought with him to Tarpon Springs when he moved to the US to join family that had already emigrated. At that time, Tarpon Springs was alive with the height of the sponge industry and Lerios began an eight decades-long career of outfitting boats, maintaining the sponge boat fleet, and handcrafting copper and brass diving helmets used by the divers. These historical Greek sponge diving helmets are renowned not only for their superior performance as functional diving gear, but for their flawless beauty as maritime art.

Nicholas Toth is the grandson of Lerios, and after finishing college, he felt a calling to return to Tarpon Springs and carry on the legacy left by his grandfather. Toth is an award-winning craftsman and metal artist, his work has been recognized and featured both nationally and internationally and included in permanent museum exhibits and national archives. Using the inspiration of his iconic diving helmets, Nicholas continues to evolve and expand his artistic focus, creating unique and masterfully designed copper and brass art pieces.

Listen as Toth tells the story that began 5,000 years ago and shares helmets, tools and sponges from his own personal collection.

Includes box lunch and beverage. Lunch generously sponsored by