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April 17th


4/17/18 11:30 am

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Lunch & Learn: Vagabond Muse

What does a travel writer have to do to survive? Find stories! In Nancy Lyon’s 33-year-long freelance career, national magazines and newspapers have paid her to look for fairies in county Kerry, Ireland, live in a cottage on a remote Irish island before it got electricity, sleep in an igloo in the Quebec arctic, taste deadly fugu fish in Tokyo and fried locusts at the Montreal insectarium’s annual gourmet insect-tasting, camp in Egypt’s white desert in February, confront the Mackenzie poltergeist on Edinburg’s terrifying Greyfriar’s graveyard tour, climb Masada and land-rover through Israel’s Negev desert, deal with a voodoo doctor in Guadeloupe, and many other not-so-odd things, like reviewing five-star hotels and sampling cruise ship menus.

Nancy presents an inside look into a travel writer’s life, through photos, movies and shop gossip about what gets left on the cutting room floor. Her commissioned travel stories and photos have appeared in GEO, New York Magazine, Travel & Leisure, The New York Times, The Saturday Review, Chicago Herald Tribune, Miami Herald, Montreal Gazette and magazines in Canada, England, Ireland and Australia.

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