Event Calendar


July 19th, 21st-22nd


19th 7/19/18 7:30 pm

21st 7/21/18 7:30 pm

22nd 7/22/18 2:00 pm

Ticket Prices:

General: $18.00

Member: $16.00

Opening Night Special - July 19 only!: $14.00

One Act Plays Festival

Watching a One Act Play festival is akin to eating the Appetizer Sampler at Applebee’s. If you don’t like the chicken wanton tacos, then you can nosh on the boneless wings. If the mozzarella sticks aren’t your menu item du jour, then there’s always the sriracha shrimp to make you happy. There’s something for everyone. And the same theory works with a One Act play festival: If one of the short play selections doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s over quickly enough, and you can find another soon after that may be more to your liking.

Producer/actor Rick Kastel certainly knows how to put these festivals together, and he guides the Tarpon Arts One Act Plays Festival with aplomb.

Tarpon Springs One Act Play Festival Play summaries:

The Apartment, By Victor Carr, Gulfport FL
When John surprises his partner, Howard, by buying a condo with money he discovered doing crime scene maintenance, it causes them to take a closer look at their relationship and their neighbors.

The Chair, by James C. Ferguson, Plainville MA
Could it be possible that a chair has eaten the dinner guests while Vanessa was getting dessert? Or, is there another explanation for their sudden disappearance? This play explores the mystery of the hungry chair!

Into the City, by Marj O’Neill-Butler, Miami Beach FL
While traveling on a ferry to New York City for her brother’s wedding, Ashley has to endure her mother’s match making when they meet a handsome stranger.

It Takes a New Age Village, by Joe Starzyk, Troy NY
When a hippy couple exposes their child to an alternative life style does it guarantee that she will embrace it? What happens if the child simply wants to be normal?

Before the Looking Glass, by Mark Jabaut, Webster NY
When Maryann, an ex-model who is getting on in years, discovers a hair on her chin, she must confront the fact that she is not as beautiful as she once was.

Meet the Pets, by Tracey Jane Smith, Oviedo, FL
Will keeps bringing dates home to meet his pets, but the relationships never work out. Could Cuddles and Daisy be conspiring to chase women out of his life?

Prime Real Estate, by J. Joseph Cox, Chicago IL
While visiting the cemetery where his wife’s first husband is buried, Arthur discovers that she has a plot of her own beside him, leaving him feeling betrayed. Can he afford a plot of this prime real estate for himself?

Guns and Roses, by Mike Randall, Hamburg NY
Jeffrey is outraged to learn that his parents plan to buy a gun for protection, prompting him to move out.

My Scale is Lying To Me, by Scott Mullen, N. Hollywood CA
Can an ordinary bathroom scale tell the truth about personal relationships? Three women struggle with the realities it reveals about the men in their lives in this comedy.

The Nude, by W. L. Newkirk, Celebration FL
When Claire poses nude for her artist friend, Lisa, she never considered that the painting might end up in an exhibit! The experience helps Claire, Lisa and a young lawyer gain perspective about their lives.