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February 1st-4th


1st 2/1/18 7:30 pm

2nd 2/2/18 7:30 pm

3rd 2/3/18 7:30 pm

4th 2/4/18 2:00 pm

Ticket Prices:

General: $27.00

Member: $23.00

Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center:

324 Pine Street (Inside City Hall)

The Mikado

Delight in The Mikado, a two-act comedic opera performed by the Gilbert & Sullivan Players, unlike anything you’ve seen before. The story of The Mikado revolves around Nanki-Poo, son of the Mikado of Japan, who has fled his father’s imperial court. Disguised as a traveling musician in Titipu, he finds himself in love with a beautiful young lady named Yum-Yum who is unfortunately engaged to be married to her guardian, Ko-Ko. When he hears that Ko-Ko has been condemned to death, he hastily returns to Titipu to claim his love but soon learns that Ko-Ko has not only been granted a reprieve, but has been promoted to the post of Lord High Executioner. Wishing to slow down the rash of executions, Titipu’s leaders reason that since Ko-Ko was next in line for execution, he can’t cut off anyone else’s head until he cuts off his own.

Ko-Ko, desperate to avoid cutting off his own head, vows to find a substitute, and as luck would have it, a heart-broken Nanki-Poo has declared he would rather die than live life without his beloved. Ko-Ko immediately offers Nanki-Poo one month of luxurious living at the end of which he will be relatively painlessly decapitated. Nanki-Poo agrees on the one condition that he be married to Yum-Yum right away so that he can spend his last month in wedded bliss. But just as the wedding celebration begins, a law is discovered that shocks everyone!


The Mikado: Michael Pruitt
Nanki-Poo: Tom Workman
Ko-Ko: Jamie Bierchen
Pooh-Bah: Rex Tabor
Pish-Tush: TJ Venieris
Yum-Yum: Vanessa Tompkins
Pitti-Sing: Lauren Williams
Peep-Bo: Emma Lawrence
Katisha: Susan Demers