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May 12th


5/12/18 7:00 pm

Ticket Prices:

General: $35

Member: $30

Wayne Toups & The ZyDeCajun Band

A Cajun accordion player who always wears a headband and uses zydeco rhythms, Toups’s real calling card is Cajun-flavored rock. Wayne Toups is one of the most commercially successful American Cajun singers and songwriters. Toups has been granted numerous awards and honors throughout his career including 2010 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles dedicated in his name; Offbeat Magazine Album of the Year recipient; Member of The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, Gulf Coast Hall of Fame, and Cajun French Music Hall of Fame; and 55th Annual Grammy Award winner. This photogenic and energetic star of Louisiana music took the unusual step early on of naming his band after the style of music he invented: Zydecajun.

**At 6:00 PM prior to the performance by Wayne Toups & The Zydecajun Band, paid ticket holders are invited to attend a FREE Cajun dance demonstration, the chance to get up and practice the fun moves, and a Question + Answer session with Wayne Toups, the band members, and Cajun folklorist and scholar, Dr. Barry Jean Ancelet.







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