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February 5th-7th, 12th-13th, 19th-20th


5th 2/5/21 7:00 pm

6th 2/6/21 2:00 pm

6th 2/6/21 7:00 pm

7th 2/7/21 7:00 pm

12th 2/12/21 7:00 pm

13th 2/13/21 2:00 pm

13th 2/13/21 7:00 pm

19th 2/19/21 7:00 pm

20th 2/20/21 2:00 pm

20th 2/20/21 7:00 pm

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Barefoot in the Park


Directed by Madison Claire


This romantic comedy focuses on newlyweds Corie and Paul, as they begin married life in a tiny 5th floor walkup apartment in a mid-Manhattan brownstone. Paul is a straight-laced attorney, Corie a far more spontaneous free spirit. The young couple must contend with a lack of heat, a skylight that leaks snow, several long flights of stairs, oddball neighbor Victor Velasco and Corie’s well-meaning mother. Adjusting to married life isn’t so easy!


Cast List

Madison Claire – Director

Rebekah Stevenson – Stage Manager

Carli Kosloski – Asst. Stage Manager

Lisa Malloy as Corie Bratter

Bryan Lane as Paul Bratter

Leah Conway as Ethel Banks

David Mackinson as Victor Velasco

Chris McDermott as the Telephone Repair Man

Rebekah Stevenson as the Delivery Man