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July 22nd-24th, 29th-31st


22nd 7/22/22 7:00 pm

23rd 7/23/22 2:00 pm

24th 7/24/22 2:00 pm

29th 7/29/22 7:00 pm

30th 7/30/22 2:00 pm

31st 7/31/22 2:00 pm

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Disney’s Beauty And The Beast

Directed by David O’Hara

A wandering enchantress transforms a cruel and vain prince into a hideous Beast, leaving him only one way to reverse the curse – fall in love with another and earn her love in return. Belle, a beautiful book-lover, encounters the Beast when she arrives at his castle to plead for her father’s freedom, ultimately trading her own for his. As tension over her imprisonment escalates in the town, spurred by Gaston, the selfish lover who seeks Belle’s hand in marriage, the relationship between Belle and the Beast grows, leading to an emotional, and transformative, conflict.