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February 11th-13th, 18th-20th


11th 2/11/22 7:00 pm

12th 2/12/22 2:00 pm

13th 2/13/22 2:00 pm

18th 2/18/22 7:00 pm

19th 2/19/22 2:00 pm

20th 2/20/22 2:00 pm

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Funny Little Thing Called Love

Location: Cultural Center

Directed by Elizabeth Phillips

A Comedy by Jones, Hope, Wooten


Get onboard for an around-the-globe journey of hilarious twists and turns. Your romantic misadventures begin with a used-car-selling Romeo in Dallas, Texas, then on to Waikiki with a bunch of fun-loving gals from Georgia who foul up a honeymoon. Next stop is a London rooftop bistro with a budding romance and annoying American tourist. You’ll safely land in New York to see how a mid-life crisis and zippy marriage proposal work out. By the time the play is finished, love will conquer all and your sides will ache from laughter!


Jen De Sane – Taylor, Carlene, Mimi
Velda Gauthier – Hollis, Nita, Meredith
Michelle Hakes – Erin, Crystal, Rita
Jeannine Hinkel – Elsie, Mavis, Lottie
Erin Kearns – Corrine, Sugar Lee, Brandy, Amber
Maggie Phillippi – Twyla, Gwendolyn, Deena
Anthony Carico – Rick, Porter, Willard
Mark Dupuy – Bobby Dwayne, Alastair, Jake
Robert L. Torres – A.J., Ferlin, Stan