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November 17th


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Knowledge & Nibbles: The History of Epiphany in Tarpon Springs

Guest Speaker Kerri Bounds

Learn the fascinating history and customs of the Epiphany Celebration in Tarpon Springs. As the largest Epiphany (Theophany) celebration in the world and one of the only places outside of Greece where the holiday is observed in this manner, the annual event now draws thousands of visitors every January 6th. You’ll hear about the blessing of the waters, the dove release, the casting of the cross and how the divers are selected to be a part of the ceremony. You’ll learn the significance of the cross retrieval from the water and the Epiphany Glendi. This special holiday is just one of the many ways that Greek culture has contributed to attracting visitors to experience the unique qualities of the City of Tarpon Springs. Complimentary light refreshments.