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December 5th-6th, 11th-13th, 18th-19th


5th 12/5/20 2:00 pm

5th 12/5/20 7:00 pm

6th 12/6/20 2:00 pm

11th 12/11/20 7:00 pm

12th 12/12/20 2:00 pm

12th 12/12/20 7:00 pm

13th 12/13/20 2:00 pm

18th 12/18/20 7:00 pm

19th 12/19/20 2:00 pm

19th 12/19/20 7:00 pm

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Sorry! Wrong Chimney!

A yuletide play by Jack Sharkey & Leo W. Sears.

Directed by David O’Hara


In this zany holiday comedy, David, a struggling young executive is moonlighting as a department store Santa so that he can buy his wife Samantha an expensive fur for Christmas. He tells her he’s working at the office late, but when she finds out he is not at the office, suspicions arise. Newlywed Samantha enlists the help of her neighbor Natalie along with her psychiatrist husband to get to the bottom of it. Suspicions, hypnotism gone wrong, the notorious Santa burglar Kris Kreigle and his gun-toting fiancĂ©e, and a confused police officer all add up in a rollicking tale that is hilarious Christmas entertainment.