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November 6th-8th, 13th-15th, 21st


6th 11/6/20 7:00 pm

7th 11/7/20 2:00 pm

7th 11/7/20 7:00 pm

8th 11/8/20 2:00 pm

13th 11/13/20 7:00 pm

14th 11/14/20 2:00 pm

14th 11/14/20 7:00 pm

15th 11/15/20 2:00 pm

21st 11/21/20 2:00 pm

21st 11/21/20 7:00 pm

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The Wild Women of Winedale

A Comedy by Jones, Hope, Wooten

Directed by Madison Claire


This delightful comedy focuses on three women at crossroads in their lives with a history of cheering one another through life’s highs and lows over the years. They really need each other now as Fanny experiences a side-splittingly, inappropriate reaction to her 60th birthday while Willa resorts to vodka and speed-knitting to cope with job stress. Johnnie Faye, done with widowhood, sets her sights on finding a man. Enjoy laughing with this extraordinary trio as they cook up delightful and surprisingly unorthodox ways to move forward with life and accept nothing less than happiness!



Fanny Wild Cantrelle – Georgia Kosloski

Willa Wild – Alice Morgan

Johnnie Faye Wild – Jeanene Grossmann Maclean

Woman 1 (Doreen, Betty, Glenda, Edith) – Monica Tellez-Daly

Woman 2 (Flo, Nora) – Wendy Crosato

Crew – Rebekah Stevenson (SM), Carli Kosloski (ASM)