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January 21st-23rd, 28th-30th


21st 1/21/22 7:00 pm

22nd 1/22/22 2:00 pm

23rd 1/23/22 2:00 pm

28th 1/28/22 7:00 pm

29th 1/29/22 2:00 pm

30th 1/30/22 2:00 pm

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This Blessed Plot, This Earth

Location: Cultural Center

A Micro-play Written & Produced by Elizabeth Indianos


This Blessed Plot, This Earth is a mural painting by renowned artist Elizabeth Indianos that was commissioned by the City of Tarpon Springs through the Public Art Committee. It was completed in 2021 and graces the two north walls of the Cultural Center’s gallery. It dramatically illustrates the history of Tarpon Springs combining native plants, animals, historic buildings, and people. Indianos, as playwright, brings some mural subjects “to life” and incorporates the stories they must tell in this inspiring, hour-long performance staged right in front of the mural!