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October 24th


10/24/23 2:00 pm

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Knowledge & Nibbles – Brooker Creek Preserve: A Living Natural History Museum

Brooker Creek Preserve, with over 9,000 acres of wilderness, is the largest natural area of Pinellas County. Slated to become the North County Solid Waste Facility back in the 1990s, it was, instead, set aside by forward-thinking county staff and commissioners as a Preserve. It is home to large populations of white-tailed deer, gopher tortoises, foxes, bobcats, turkeys, songbirds, hawks, and more. It is a living, breathing, functioning natural history museum, which exists as an example of what all of Florida used to be. Join biologist, Barbara Hoffman, to find out more about Brooker Creek Preserve and why it is so important to all of us.